Call for Panel Abstracts: Comparisons in Northeast and Southeast Asian Archaeology and Protohistory

Discipline : History
Speaker(s) : Panel chairs: Kang In Uk, Kwon Oh Young, Andrew Logie, and Chingduang Yurayong

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posted by Andrew Logie

Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association 22nd Congress (IPPA22 )

7-12th November 2022, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Session 25: Comparisons in Northeast and Southeast Asian Archaeology and Protohistory

Session chairs:

Kang In Uk - Institute of Korean Archaeology and Ancient History (IKAA), Kyung Hee University

Kwon Oh Young - Department of Korean History, Seoul National University

Andrew Logie - Department of Culture, University of Helsinki

Chingduang Yurayong - Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia (RILKA), Mahidol University

Northeast (NSEA) and mainland Southeast Asia (MSEA) are two regions sharing a basic symmetry that gives rise to a rich range of potential points of comparison. In the context of pre- and early history, relevant parallels and contrasts between the regions occur in relation both to primary research topics, and to the modern histories of the fields, and current debates and approaches. Centred on geographical Manchuria and Korea, NEA comprises modern territories of China, North and South Korea, Russia and Japan. The field of early NEA operates against the context of geopolitical rivalry over jurisdiction of early history yet also fosters transnational cooperation. Both MSEA and early NEA are best conceptualized as loosely bounded interaction spheres that have played host to a range of areal historical dynamics giving rise to early polities and states, while continuing to support ethno-linguistic diversity and alternative, non-state complexities.

Scholarship of both regions each constructively combine Anglophone discourses with their own autonomous research practices and concerns, reflecting the specific nature and characteristics of relevant sites and data. Against this common context, differences between the fields may be most instructive for stimulating fresh insights and alternative perspectives.

With an aim to facilitating transregional communication and cross-fertilization of approaches, this session invites contributions from scholars of Northeast Asian archaeology and protohistory to present on key topics of their field alongside specialists of Southeast Asia. Topics could include questions of periodization, emergence of complex societies and early states, areal networks, and histories of related discourses. We further welcome discussion on topics representing active disruptions to these same framings. Individual papers do not need to be explicitly comparative, but should make efforts to present their region-specific data and arguments in an accessible manner, with a view to critical and synergetic engagement between specialists of Northeast and Southeast Asia.

Application method: submit a 300 word English language abstract to the IPPA22 Call for Abstracts.

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