Technology as Culture: The Rise of South Korea as a Digital Nation

Discipline : Arts & Media
Speaker(s) : Inkyu Kang

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File1 : Penn State IKS Talk Dr- Kang.pdf


In the 2000s, South Korea was predicted to serve as the world’s best laboratory for getting a glimpse of howbroadband services might evolve in the future. Such expectations seem to have been fulfilled with theemergence of new businesses and cultural phenomena in the country, such as eSports, web dramas, webtoons,and mukbang. Oddly enough, however, the internet was not adopted by the nation on a mass scale until 1998,when the nation was undergoing a deepening economic crisis. In just half a decade, South Korea became themost wired nation. What caused such a drastic change? The speaker explores the historical and symbolicaspects of digital technology in order to answer this question. With a focus on the sociocultural implications ofcomputers in the 1980s and 1990s, this talk examines the relationship between technology and the discoursesof “modernity,” “progress,” and “national identity” in South Korea.

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