Migration & Diaspora in Asia (HYBRID event)

Discipline : Society
Speaker(s) : Kimiko Suda (TU Berlin), Jamie Coates (University of Sheffield), Markus Bell (UN, La Trobe University, Melbourne)
Language : English

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posted by Barbara Wall


Hybrid event on migration and diaspora in Asia is coming up.

Date: Nov 28, 2023

10:15-12:00 (Copenhagen time)

Place: 4A.0.69, South Campus

Or on zoom: https://lnkd.in/emzQjeP3

Talk 1: Kimiko Suda (TU Berlin): “Racism Research from an Asian-Diasporic Perspective: Understanding Migration as the Norm“

Talk 2: Jamie Coates (University of Sheffield): “Creativity and Togetherness in the Digital Era: Thinking with the Case of China-Japan Migration”

Talk 3: Markus Bell (UN, La Trobe University, Melbourne): “Outsiders: Why We Fled to North Korea”

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