2 TALKS: "Book talk The Red Decades: Communism as Movement and Culture in Korea, 1919-1945" AND, "Korean Performance through the Inter-Asia Lens: Introduction" (HYBRID)

Discipline : Other
Speaker(s) : Vladimir Tikhonov (University of Oslo) and Soo Ryon Yoon (Sungkonghoe University)
Language : English

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Open Talks from the Nordic-Baltic Korean Studies Days (NBKSD) 2024 program.

1st TALK: Book talk The Red Decades: Communism as Movement and Culture in Korea, 1919-1945

  • Speaker: Vladimir Tikhonov (University of Oslo)
  • Time: 9:15 Copenhagen, 17:45 Seoul

2nd TALK: Korean Performance through the Inter-Asia Lens: Introduction

  • Speaker: Soo Ryon Yoon (Sungkonghoe University)
  • Time: 12:15 Copenhagen, 20:45 Seol

About NBKSD 2024:

The principal motivation of the course is to enable students with an interest in Korean Studies to meet and study alongside their peers in order to develop a pan-Nordic-Baltic network and sense of community.

Students gain time with Korean Studies research and teaching faculty from other institutes helping to diversify their regular curriculum and learning opportunities. For teachers, it is similarly a chance to collaborate with their colleagues and students.

The Nordic-Baltic Korean Studies Days is a co-taught course organized between Korean Studies faculty of Nordic (and newly) Baltic institutions including the universities of Helsinki, Turku, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Trondheim), Vytautas Magnus University (Kaunas), and The University of Latvia. It is generously funded by Nordplus that supports educational cooperation throughout Nordic and Baltic states. We've have previously run N(B)KSD in 2019, 2021 (online), and 2022. This will be the fourth Nordic, and first Nordic-Baltic Korean Studies Days!

Organizers: Sabine Burghart (University Lecturer, Turku), Erika Griučkaitytė (Vytautas Magnus University), Sonja Häussler (Professor, Stockholm), Zoran Lee Pecic (Associate Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Antti Leppänen (Researcher, Turku), Andrew Logie (Associate Professor, Helsinki), Ildze Šķestere (The University of Latvia), Vladimir Tikhonov (Professor, Oslo), Barbara Wall (Associate Professor, Copenhagen)

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