2023 IKSU-K-Unification Friends International Conference for Young Scholars

Discipline : Politics & IR
Speaker(s) : IKSU
Language : English

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posted by Queralt Boadella

2023 IKSU-K-Unification Friends International Conference for Young Scholars: Tracing the Steps Toward Korean Unification: Learning from the Past to Prepare for the Future  

1-2 December, 2023. Preston, University of Central Lancashire.

The International Institute of Korean Studies (IKSU) at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) is pleased to announce the 2-day 2023 IKSU International Young Scholars Conference. The conference aims to give young scholars in the field of Korean studies and unification studies an opportunity to present their research, strengthen ties with other young scholars, and raise awareness of the unification issue in the Korean peninsula among the youth. 

The conference seeks to facilitate informed, interdisciplinary discussions on the potential benefits and challenges of Korean Unification by looking into how we can learn from the past toward preparing for the future. Paving the way towards unification involves areas such as governance, social integration, human rights, economy, and security. Thus, we welcome abstracts addressing why the issue is important and how we can promote Korean Reunification and peace in the Korean Peninsula.  

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